The Disappointments

The Disappointments…..Steve Lockwood (guitar/vocals), John Chambliss (double bass) & Roger Blanton (mandolin/vocals)

Why the name?…..

  • Are you looking for music you’ve likely heard before?
  • Do you like to dance and sing along to music like Mustang Sally? 
  • Do you like to watch performers in stylish clothes on stage?
  • Do you like pina coladas?

If so, you’ll be disappointed. The Disappointments perform acoustic blues and original compositions for listening audiences who enjoy a diversion from the ordinary.

This site is being used by The Disappointments to develop arrangements for future recordings. Included are both live performance recordings and outdoor rehearsals complete with bird calls and street noise. We hope you enjoy these tunes. Page down to listen to The Disappointments – new music being added periodically; please check back often!

Live Performances and Rehearsals (UNDER CONSTRUCTION):

Cheap Chinese (Original)

Keep Me From Going Down (Original)

Coal Tattoo

Vincent Black Lightning 1952

Highway 61

The Bug (Original)

I Got Mine


Pontiac Blues

Telephone Song (Original)

New Orleans

Windy and Warm


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