Service Offerings

1. Process Maturity & Continual Service Improvement

A continual service improvement plan is critical to aligning your IT investments to your business needs. IT must know what to measure to ensure that process and service improvements are identified and prioritized to meet your evolving business needs. Continual Service Improvement is all about IT understanding and improving what you need.

Step 1: Assessment of existing ITIL processes maturity levels

Step 2: Determination of organizational requirements for Process Maturity, gaps, and Roadmap

Step 3: Development of continual service improvement plan.

2. Application Performance Engineering

Industry experts estimate that 80% of incidents reported as network problems are actually due to poor application design. The cost of resolving faults in O&M is over 100 times the cost of resolving the issues early in the application design and development phase.

Step 1: Trouble ticket assessment; mission critical application inventory; review of application development life-cycle; service level requirements and link to design; infrastructure capabilities; modeling and simulation capabilities; Roadmap for improvement

Step 2: Recommendations for short-term, mid-term, and long-term APE improvements

Step 3: Development of comprehensive application performance engineering methodology beginning early in the design phase and continuing throughout operations and maintenance

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