Scientists report that we hear more notes that the musician actually plays. So, is that listener-filled-in space the most important part of what’s heard?

I’m tuning my Myers Briggs – grew up an INTP, transforming into an ENTP

Some theorize that instant msging, texting, etc., allow us to communicate the day-to-day chit chat stuff easier, thereby freeing us to have more meaningful face-to-face communications. Others believe that electronic means are shaping the way we communicate which extends to face-to-face interactions. Your thoughts???

How much influence does music, rhythms, and sounds in general have on what we like and who we like? How does it shape our thinking and how we socialize?

We play around writing Haiku poems at work when we need a break. Most of them are in the 5x7x5 syllable format, but many believe a 3x5x3 is closer to the Jpanese spoken language. Anyway, they are a nice diversion and a good way of getting to the point.