The Network

It’s really not what takes you there, it’s everything else along the ride. In IT, it’s the LAN, the application, the WAN, the network protocols and how they interact across all tiers. They are all connected.

My original intention was to write about yoga, music, and personal growth. However, I am also passionate about improving government, specifically in the IT world. IT is a big part of government inefficiency. Therefore, I’m tweaking my blog to take a look at what I’ve learned from yoga and music, and how those lessons and teachings can be applied to improve IT best practices.

Technology Enablers

–Application performance engineering techniques and testing methodologies
–Network management
–Building, leading and motivating teams
–ITIL, CMMI, Change Management


  • integration via Network and Business Relational Models
  • using models to depict change impact across IT and enabling a deeper understanding of business strategy, business processes and IT operations, and their relationship
  • leveraging models to make rapid change impact assessments


  1. Love the picuture! Did you take it? Where is it?

    I’m not a musician, but I love music.

    Yoga…can’t comment on it, because I have never looked into it.

    I enjoyed the piece on the race track – good reading, funny, and entertaining.

    Self awareness and personal growth, that’s the good stuff.

    Interesting and entertaining stories; I enjoyed it!

    What’s the next topic? Looking forward to it.

    • Glad you enjoyed it Grant. The picture is provided by the as something to use for an easy startup. I like it as well. I just returned from the weekend at the Horse Track and need to provide an update. I want to get more into the discussion about music, altering music in our own minds, and the socialization that occurs as we identify ourselves with certain music. Also open for suggestions and hoping this can be an interactive process.

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