Fun you can have with Teenagers – Part I

My 18 year old daughter wants to have a party next week and invite some boys. Barbara and I said “Sure, instead of a Toga Party, we’ll have a Yoga Party. Invite them over at sunset, and we’ll do sun salutations, chants, and such. I’ll bill myself as ‘Big Daddy Down Dog’. We’ll burn candles and incense in the backyard! The neighbors will call the cops thinking something illegal and perverted is happening in Cordova. The cops will come and join us in final relaxation. We’ll film it all and turn it into a documentary.”

My daughter is stunned. She is used to this sort of thing from us, but at the same time she’s a bit afraid that we’re totally serious. And if we are, what a hoot!

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  1. Hi John!

    I suggest throwing in a fire ceremony to complete the evening in the hopes that your neighbors will call the fire department and you have them join in as well! The more the merrier!

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